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Skype is my new best friend

August 29, 2009

Okay so I’ve had Skype on my computer for a long time now and haven’t really understood what all the fuss was about. Sure, I’ve video chatted with one of my girlfriends from back home a time or two…cool…but whatever. And yes, the only way my soldier makes calls to me is through Skype. So it rocks. But, I never realized how amazing Skype was until I started video chatting with him. WOW.

First, there is no delay! That was something that was (and still is) super hard for me to get adjusted to. He’ll say something and I’ll start saying something at the same time then we both say “No, you go.” SOOO frustrating. Not to mention I talk fast in general so it can sometimes be a big disaster, although I’ve gotten better. So for those of you who don’t know how this works…listen up.

You download the software for free from You create a username just like you would with any program and this becomes the way people find you and add you to their friends list. You can call landlines (for a fee), send text messages (I believe at no charge), and you can call computer to computer for free. You have the option of placing a video call or just a plain voice call. You need no special equipment as the sound comes through your speakers and through your microphone. It’s super great.

For him, the video image on my end is crystal clear but his is a bit blurry…but nothing I can’t handle. The sound is usually perfectly clear, but being how far away he’s at…it can sometimes break up and get choppy. None the less, it’s an INVALUABLE tool I’m glad we have.

I know each of your soldiers are deployed to different areas of the world and in different bases which may or may not allow them to utilize such technology. However, if your soldier has his own computer with internet access…PLEASE ask him/her to check into using Skype. It amazes me how different it makes things feel. We LOVE it. Yahoo Messenger was great, talking on the phone is fabulous, but Skype is where it’s at. Being able to see him AND hear his voice at the same time is just heaven for me. It really makes me feel like he’s right here with me.

Well, that’s my technology rant for the night. I hope you all have the opportunity to use it with your soldier in the future if you don’t already.

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