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24 Days and Counting

September 2, 2009

So my soldier is coming home on R&R in less than a month! I can’t belive we finally made it to the month he comes home. It seems like it’s been forever…I mean it kinda has if you look at the big picture. I’m not really nervous yet, but I’m sure I’ll be going crazy in about 2-ish weeks.

There’s so much to look forward to but selfishly, I think I’m most excited about having a full nights sleep. My body has somehow gotten used to waking up every morning at 1:30am, 3:30am, etc. It’s usually because I know he’s gotten on FB and written me back on a message I had sent. Isn’t that so wierd? While he’s here, I won’t have to worry about that because he’ll be right next to me. Yay! I know he’s looking forward to being able to fully relax also. He so deserves it.

I can’t begin to try to understand everything he’s been through over the past 9 months while on his TOD. I don’t think one can ever understand unless you’ve been in a soldiers shoes yourself. I just feel so lucky to not only have him in my life but that he’s chosen to spend his R&R with me. He had it all planned out…to go to Thailand…since right after he first deployed. But, then we made things official and that all changed for him. He could still have gone “home” to see family and friends or even to some other place but he chose me. That’s like one of the best gifts you could possibly be given.

I’m excited to just relax too. I’ve had such a stressful past few months. I’ve been super blessed but I think I’m hitting my crashing point. I need somewhere to rest my head and I know he does too.

Prayers are going to be in order that this thing doesn’t get delayed any further. I need him so bad.

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