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Passing the Time During Deployment

September 6, 2009

Ask any military wife or girlfriend and she’ll tell you…the most important thing is to keep busy! Sitting around with your pals Ben & Jerry is okay every now and again, but keeping active is so important during a deployment.

I found a pretty awesome link that enables you to take college level courses online in a ZILLION different topics for free. No registration, no nothing. You simply find the class you’re interested in, click the link, and complete it at your own pace. I’ve always wanted to take Marriage & Family, so I found that in the list and in my spare time am working on learning more about that. For me, continuing education is so important so it’s cool to have a place I can go to educate myself about economics, politics, science, history…even farming for petes sake! 🙂 I’ll post the link at the end but check it out.

For my Army girls, I’m a HUGE advocate of AFTB classes (Army Family Team Building). My good friend @jenthearmywife introduced me to them and I’m so thankful! I am now a certified AFTB Instructor and teach classes on post at Walter Reed. Anyone can take them…friends, girlfriends, moms, dads, etc. I took them when Mike and I were still in the “getting to know you phase.” I wanted to know, as his friend, what he was going through and educate myself more on the military. For those of you with little to no military background…it helps SO MUCH! There are three levels you can complete and you go at your own pace. Level One is like a Military 101, Level Two digs a little deeper, and Level Three is for those who want to be in leadership roles within the Army community. If you know of someone who can benefit from these classes, pass them on! My soldiers mom is planning on taking them herself so she can better understand as well.

I’m a huge advocate of community support also. There is SUCH a large online presence for military wives, girlfriends, etc. Spend some time doing a google search for message boards, chatrooms, and other websites where you can link up with others who know what you are going through. Some of us aren’t anywhere near our soldiers’ base, let alone a military base at all. If you are, get involved with his unit’s FRG (Family Readiness Group). If not, check out sites like The Experience Project…which allow you to connect with others going through the same situations as you. For me, I’m a member of a few of the Army girlfriend groups, one for surviving a first deployment, and more. You can find them for any topic under the sun and the people on there are so caring and understanding.


Passing the Time Resources
Online Education Database
AFTB Online Classes
The Experience Project

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