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What it all means…

September 13, 2009

WOW. What a weekend. WOW.

I wanted to write a blog on my thoughts of the anniversary of 9/11, but just got so caught up with everyday life I didn’t get a chance to. Something causes me to freeze everytime I see those images of the towers being hit or falling to the ground. Something makes me freeze everytime I hear the frantic phone calls and see the faces of those people who were standing in the streets of NYC with those MISSING posters. Remember? I do. I remember feeling so angry and so vengeful when President Bush came on TV and made his address that night to say we were going to war. I remember feeling immense pride for living in a country who wouldn’t let cowards take away our freedoms. I remember feeling proud of our men and women who would be going overseas taking care of the bastards who did this to us so something like this would never happen again. I remember that feeling and it never is very far from my mind. When people get political and take sides on this war and say we went for this reason or another reason…I remember the feeling when we were attacked. We tend to forget that I think. I’m sure even the people who resist this war remember that feeling. How soon we forget.

One of the most important things someone can do to understand, is TRY to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s easier said than done, but can give you a new appreciation and perspective. I try to put myself in the place of a mommy or daddy who went to work that morning like normal, but never got to go home and see their babies again. The fiancee who was busy planning and making arrangement for her future with someone she loved dearly, who would never see that dream come to fruition. There are thousands of stories like this. Remember all the babies born after 9/11 whose daddies perished that day? Those children are going into 3rd, 4th grade without their dad to celebrate Father’s Day with or accompany them on field trips. All of that was taken from them by terrorists who envied our freedom and who spent their lives filled with hate and rage.

9/11 meant a little something extra to me this year being that my boyfriend is fighting for that freedom they tried so hard to take away. Politics aside, he and his guys put their lives on the line every single day to make sure we have that freedom back home. He’s willing to give his life for me, for you, and for people he will never meet. He’s willing to endure mental and physical pain so we never have to. Pride has taken on an entirely new face with me. You can be proud of your best friend for graduating college or your mom for getting a raise at work, but the pride that comes along with loving someone in the military…it’s indescribable. I know he does what he does because he wants to and to him, it’s no big deal. It’s his job and somebody has to do it. But for me, when I think of the word pride…I picture his face, our American flag, strength, and determination. I see the pictures on TV. I watch all the zillion YouTube videos. I hear the stories. I see the soldiers in ACU’s all around the DC area and my heart and my mind instantly go back to him. I just could not be more proud of him. It takes someone so special to put on that uniform every morning and I’m so lucky to be with that kind of man.

Looking back on it, you could have never told me my life would turn out this way. That at 24 years old, I’d be so much in love with someone I’ve known for 1o years. That this person would be a soldier and that we’d be getting adjusted to “the life” we’ve been handed. It’s funny how things work out. Regardless of the sacrifices he makes or I make, I wouldn’t trade this love or this life for anything.

~Shan, A PFC’s FW ❤

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