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Operation Love Box

September 18, 2009

So the countdown is on and my soldier will be hopping on a plane in 7 days! I pray that the weather holds up and nothing gets delayed. Lord knows it comes with the territory but the suspense is driving both of us crazy.

I know it will be tough for the both of us when he has to go back but thankfully it will only be for about 6 more weeks and he’ll be home. I can’t WAIT for that moment to know he’s no longer in harms way and safe back on base. WOW. I will be so thankful.

Anyway, I’ve been slacking on the care packages just because I know he has most of what he needs and he has access to a lot on the base he’s on so I run out of ideas all the time. Well, I picked up that 1001 Romantic Ideas book and thought of putting together a “Love Box” for him. I’ll send it about a day or so before he arrives so that it’s waiting for him there when he gets back. I’m including lots of notes and cards obviously. One idea I came up with was to cut up strips of colorful paper and write one reason why I love him on each one. I’ll stick them all in a jar or container of some sort and he can have fun going through them. I won’t be able to include pictures of us from R&R obviously, which will stink…but perhaps I’ll send a little frame I’ll decorate with a note inside that says a picture is coming. 🙂 It would be so much easier if this were around Valentines Day but none the less the book will help me come up with some additional creative ideas. Once I’m done, I’ll post pics of everything inside so everyone can see.

Oh and Halloween stuff is now out in full effect so the next box I plan on sending after the Love Box will be chock full of crazy Halloween goodies. The dollar sections in Target had some great stuff and the good thing about Halloween is there are LOTS AND LOTS of candies that can be sent without fear of melting! I’m sure I’ll toss in some spiderwebs, spiders, rubber insects, and all of that fun stuff. It’s the only major holiday I’ll have been able to celebrate with him through care packages so I’m excited.


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