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October 26, 2009


It just clicked in my head that I didn’t share some of the awesome stories I experienced with my soldier on our R&R.

I briefly viewed a video on Facebook on thanking our military for their sacrifice and it reminded me of all the amazing people who thanked him while he was here. For me, you always hear about people thanking service members and I’ve done it a few times myself…but I was so ecstatic at the response he got while here. Walking around downtown DC, in Church, leaving our hotel…anywhere and everywhere there were people ready to shake a hand and thank him for his service. It makes me SO immensly proud to stand by his side. I’m proud of him for the man that he is, but even more proud of the sacrifice he’s made for our country.

I’m so thankful to all of the people who thanked him. To those of you who read my blog and have limited military involvement…THANK YOU for thanking soldiers like my FH. If you haven’t thanked a soldier…try it sometime. It takes them off guard sometimes, but it’s something that sticks in their mind for a long, long time.

On that note…check out the organization “Tell Them Thanks.” Their website is: and you can follow them on twitter at There you can adopt a soldier and let them know you are so thankful for their sacrifice. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and care packages do take between 2-4 weeks arrive, so think ahead!

Hugs everyone!

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