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Thanksgiving Care Packages ~ Reader Request

November 12, 2009

ThanksgivingOne of my awesome readers requested some ideas for Thanksgiving care packages. The holiday is RIGHT around the corner so if you plan on sending one in time for turkey day, there is a chance it might not make it in time. Be sure to send it immediately and the fastest way possible.

Tomorrow, November 13th is the LAST DAY to send packages overseas via parcel post in time for Christmas. To my knowledge this doesn’t apply to expedited or flat rate boxes, but please check the United Postal Service website at for further details.

Now, onto the fun stuff! I have gotten some great ideas from my Twitter friends and here they are:

From @olgirl: Those hand warmer packets you find at Walgreens, next to the register. I sent them to my son and he LOVED them.
From @tinkerarmywife: I did t-giving dinner in a box. Turkey sausage, snackpacks and mini graham crusts, homemade potato chips (sweet and white), mini can green beans, craisins, fall paper plates and napkins It was one of my favs!!!!
@usmcwife8999 says she has sent Hormel Compleats microwaveable meals and that they even have a stuffing one.

Thanks you two for your awesome ideas! I stole this one from the Army Wife Network (  who has an AMAZING list of ideas for care packages.
Here’s their Thanksgiving version:
Thankful – canned turkey, instant mashed potatoes, breadsticks, gravy in a jar, Hostess apple pies, canned corn/green beans, turkey jerky, craisins, Thanksgiving scented candle, pictures of Thanksgivings past , scrapbook, taped recorded message, or even a “why we’re thankful for you” list.

As always, our guys and girls serving overseas can never get enough thanks. They never get tired of hearing how much we appreciate the things they do for our country. There is never a better day than to be reminded of this. Gather friends and family and make some handmade cards letting them know how thankful you are for them. That you think of them often and never forget the things they do to keep us safe.

If you have other ideas, PLEASE post them in the comments section. More specifically, for a sailor out to sea.
Thanks everyone!

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  1. November 13, 2009 9:38 AM

    Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing the link to AWN and the wonderful compliment!! We are thrilled to have gathered a list of care packages for you guys to send to the soldiers. I just posted the longer “Thank-full Care Package” – go take a look

    Good luck! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. November 13, 2009 2:43 PM

    Since it’s a Sailor, space will probably be an issue (if they are on a ship) so always keep that in consideration when preparing care packages. Keeping it simple is key…most troops who are deployed appreciate the thought behind care packages more often then the items in the boxes. Now that being said..

    Themed packages can be great, already a list of ideas has been posted. Most troops have access to microwaves, so you can add microwave mashed potatoes and small jars of gravy (wrap in bubble wrap, it will get there, trust me). Also, they now have different veggies in little plastic containers that would go well also. Now turkey in a can isn’t ideal but it works. Here’s the thing to remember, they will be fed a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving meal so if you want to have a little more fun with a care package..

    Hit up your Walmart (or other store) toy aisle..many have 88 cent toys such as dart guns, silly putty, jacks, etc. Trust me these have always been a hit since I’ve been sending packages to my husband. We all need a little stress relief.

    Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, you just can’t go wrong with pictures.

    A list of why you are thankful for your troop. If you are really creative, pull out the scrapbook paper and glue.

    Can’t go wrong with homemade goodies. If you know how to package well, almost anything can make it there safely and fresh.

    One of my husband’s fave things I sent him was Hickory Farms sets, it was perfect size for compact space.

    There’s just a few ideas from me!

  3. Lizzie permalink
    November 15, 2009 11:03 PM


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