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My Thankful List

November 25, 2009



My Thankful List for 2009

*I am thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ who has gotten me through the rough times in my life and been by my side for the times of rejoicing also. He has never left me.
*I am thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me here in the DC area. Everything happens for a reason and although losing my job in Orlando was a terrible time, it brought me to where I needed to be.
*I am thankful to have had a job last year that brought me all over the country. It taught me to be strong, independent, and adventurous.
*I am thankful for such an amazing friend like Reina. She has been my shoulder to cry on, my ears when I needed to vent, and my arms and hands when I needed her help doing something during this deployment.
*I am thankful that I have such a supportive mother. She may not always agree with the choices I make or have made, but she stands by me regardless. Always.
*I am thankful that my Dad and I have made strides in repairing our relationship. I hope it continues to get better.
*I am thankful for overall good health. Being without health insurance for years now, I’m so lucky to have not had any major problems occur. ***knock on wood***
*I’m thankful I have this blog and even more thankful that people get something out of it. I love writing and it’s great to know that I can not only vent here, but get responses from people that encourage me.
*I am thankful for all of our troops who protect our freedoms and lay their lives on the line.
*I am SO thankful and humbled that I have the love of my FH. He is exactly what I have prayed for my entire life, the person I never thought I would find. Now that I have him, I am so eager to bring our lives together.
*I am incredibly thankful that God has kept him safe on this deployment and that he is now home.
*I am thankful for all of my Twitter family. Who would have thought something like a social media source could turn into something like it has. All of you know who you are and I’m so grateful to you for your support!
*I am thankful for a great job here in NOVA. It will be hard to leave the family I nanny for when it’s time to go, but they have been very good to me. Above and beyond an employer, it’s more like family.
*I am thankful that even though times are tough financially, God has always made a way for me.
*Lastly, I am just thankful to have so many great things and great people in my life. I am truly blessed.

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  1. onemomtalking permalink
    February 9, 2010 8:30 AM

    Hi! I did a google search for “Thankful” images for my own blog and this is the first thing that showed up. Thought I’d stop by. The man I’m dating is retired Army. So I have not lived the life, but I’ve heard enough stories to have a clue. My gratitude goes out to all who give their lives to serve our country and keep us safe and free — and to the families who support them. Glad you’re here! May you always remember that God is with you every minute, every day 🙂

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