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Ding Dong, Ding Dong…Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

December 6, 2009

So let’s see…we are now 25 days from our ceremony! WOWZA! It’s really funny how this is all happening. I have the experience as a wedding planner under my belt, so I’ve seen it through very different eyes. Now, I’m on the other side realizing why it’s so easy to turn from sweet innocent fiancee into full-blown bridezilla.

My poor FH. Sometimes he makes me want to strangle him. He so wants to give this dinner party to me because we are not having a wedding with friends and family, no showers, no engagement parties, etc. But, he doesn’t understand that when you invite two dozen of your closest friends over to celebrate your impending union, you can’t throw white bed sheets over tables. That is tacky. I know he has the rough end of the stick because his fiance is a wedding planner. I know the in’s and out’s and how things are supposed to look. Bed sheets don’t cut it.

He also is very lucky. Being that I come from the wedding industry, I have been able to wrangle up some CRAZY deals. For example, my fave florist is giving us ALL of our flowers for free. Yeah, um free. Bouqet, centerpieces, etc. ALL OF IT. Do you know how much that would NORMALLY cost? Probably close to $1,000. My rental guy is basically cutting his fees in half for tables and chairs. He’s never gone so low. The hotel wanted to charge us $200 for tables and chairs. Instead, we’re paying my guy $70. So, I’m not about to get all of these wonderful things and stay in this wonderful place and throw bed sheets on the tables. It doesn’t make any sense. ARG!

I know he’s a guy and to him…what does it matter? But it’s more important to me. It’s not really about impressing our friends, but I want to create a warm and romantic environment for our dinner party. I know it’s going to be breathtaking if he just lets me do my thing. When all is said and done, he will look back and go…WOW. She was so right.

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