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Memories of NYC 2008

December 17, 2009

Sigh. I put on some Christmas music tonight and it’s bringing me back to last year. You see, I had always DREAMED of going to NYC at Christmas time. Like literally. I mean DREAMED. You know…like a little kid dreams on Christmas Eve about that shiny new toy in the window being under the tree the next morning. Like a serious, serious dream. I used to want to be proposed to at the tree at Rockefeller. UGH! Could there be a more magical place in all the world? It was incredible.

Anyway, I finally made that dream come true for myself December 18-23, 2008. My bf at the time and I packed it up and headed out of Orlando for a magical 6 day, 5 night trip. If only I knew how badly (in a good way!) that trip would change my life.

I know I’ve used the word before, but it was seriously magical in every single way. It snowed almost THE ENTIRE TIME. I don’t mean a little snow either…like snowstorm snow. It was crazy and only added to the feel. We went everywhere too. It was great. Little Italy & Chinatown. Time Square & Broadway. Central Park. Harlem. 5th Avenue. Macy’s. Tiffany & Co. Bloomingdales. American Girl Place. Rockefeller Square. Grand Central Station. EVERYWHERE!

It truly was MORE than I had ever expected. It was THE BEST 6 days of my entire life. I was in heaven. Nothing could have been more perfect. I almost felt home. I left wanting to stay and everyone said it was just because it was a vacation…perhaps…but something about NYC has stuck with me sense. I even talked to the FH about moving there while he’s on his next deployment. It would be FABS for me to get a job working for another wedding planner or for a bridal shop. Both of those industries I have great experience in and would be greatly beneficial to my future career. Doubt it will happen, but I told him I would put my resume out there when the time came and see what happens. If I get a good bite, I’ll take it.

Anyway, here are some fave moments of mine from my trip to New York City last year. I miss you Manhattan! ❤

Yayyyyy! It’s snowing!!!               The look on my face says it all. ❤

Dear Santa…Tiffany’s Please?   –  Cannoli & Hot Choco in Little Italy  –  At Ground Zero

Walking through a snow-filled Central Park  – It was a blustery day!

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