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The Details :)

December 20, 2009

So for all of my awesome blog friends and followers, I have to share with you all some details about our dinner party. The FH and I aren’t doing things the traditional way, so instead of a wedding and reception…we are having a little dinner party the night before our ceremony. Here are a few of the details I want to share with you all:

Our colors are going to be hot pink, black, and silver. Because it’s the day before New Years, I wanted to incorporate black and silver. It’s a pretty classic color combo itself and of course pink is just my fave. I can’t wait!

Here is a picture of what some of our centerpieces will look like. My florist is an amazing friend of mine, so I’m leaving it up to him to create something fabulous but he and I both love these!


My best friend is buying our favors for us. LOVE HER! She’s going to fill them with bright pink M&M’s to match our colors and we’ll tie them with a cute hot pink sheer ribbon.

This is a dress similar to what I’ll be wearing for the party. The one I got was by Rampage from Macy’s. I actually had tried it on at least 6 months prior and SO WANTED IT…but couldn’t justify spending the $75 that it was. Good thing I waited. I snagged it on sale for $15!





 Here is an example of what our linens will look like. We will have a 24 foot long banquet table so it will be one long rectangle, not circles…but you can see how it will be none the less. We are going to scatter silver candles of all heights, shapes, and sizes along with tealights all over the table in between the floral arrangements.

And finally, for our location…The Cottage at Lake Lily. It’s a super cute little house that’s been renovated recently. It has beautiful wood floors and was only $20 an hour to rent!!!

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  1. Reina permalink
    December 21, 2009 11:45 AM

    I’m SO SO excited for you! I’m glad that your details are coming together. It’ll look fabulous! ❤ Sad I can't be there!!

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