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Hooah Hottie of the Week ~ Patty

January 17, 2010

Meet our Hooah Hottie of the Week…PATTY! Funny enough, Patty and her husband Matt and I, all went to high school together and graduated the same year. They have a great story to tell and I’m glad to share it with you all. She has a passion for scrapbooking, and let me tell you…she is seriously THE BEST scrapbooker I have ever seen…and I’ve seen tons! Don’t forget to check her out on Etsy and take a peek at her blog.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, job, hobbies,  your background, your family, where you are stationed, what branch of the military your loved one serves in, etc.
    My name is Patricia and I am a 25 year old ARMY WIFE. My husband Matt is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army currently on his second deployment in Afghanistan. Our current place of residence at the moment is Fort Bragg, NC!!! I am blessed to able to stay home with my 4 year old son Ryan. My husband Matt & I met each other when we were 12 years old and we started dating our freshman year of high school. Our senior year is when he made the big decision to join the military; I didn’t really think anything of it. I have no family with a military background. Soon after we graduated he asked me to marry him, then about a month after he went off to boot-camp. 7 years later it has been one crazy adventure. Being a stay at home mom has its very wonderful highlights to keep me busy, like LAUNDRY (just-kidding)!!! Ok well besides that … I consider myself an all around crafter, but have a strong passion for scrapbooking. Family memories are important to me and I’m able to document them all in a creative way with scrapbooking. I’m also am able to share my talent with others. Besides the mom and housewife duties, I teach scrapbook classes and sell premade scrap goodies with my own shop on ETSY. 

Favorite TV Show
I have to say it’s a tie between Army Wives & Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Meal
Tuna melt, curly fries, and a root beer … yum

Favorite Book
The Scarlett Letter

What’s one piece of advice you wish someone would have given you prior to joining the military family?
There are so many things I would have loved advice about, but my number 1 would have to be knowing how much my husband would be gone. Not knowing much about the military it became a big shock. Not just separation with deployments, but with training. It’s amazing how a solider sometimes will works a 90 hour work week.

What is your favorite military related resource? Specific blog, website, organization, etc. Automated Housing Referral Network. I LOVE this website. We have moved 5 times and this website was a great resource to find wonderful housing in our BAH range. It also tells you what places off post to rent are military friendly with their leases and discounts offered.

What has been the most challenging aspect of military life and how do you cope with it?
I think the most challenging aspect of military life would be learning to handle situations on my own. Because of the Army I have became such a STRONG person.  I think what helps me cope is to face that challenge head on and just know I’m going to get through this.  

If you have children, how do you balance your daily life while your service member is deployed?
I have a soon to be 4 year old named Ryan. The day he was born my husband was in Iraq. I think when their infant’s deployments are harder on the parent than the child. Ryan is just now starting to realize that Daddy is away. It’s a very new experience for me. With my son, I just try to keep the same routine going as I would if my husband was home. So far it’s working out …LOL!!

How many deployments have you experienced? What are some things you have learned for surviving them?
I have been through 2 deployments and 1 hardship tour to Korea. I noticed that the very first deployment was the easiest. You don’t know what to expect from day to day. It seemed to fly by. But when he was away in Korea it did not fly by. I think to SURVIVE, for me, it was best to stay busy. I’m always trying to do something. It helps me not think about my husband being away.

How are you actively involved in the military community?
I am normally pretty active in the FRG and I enjoy donating homemade cards to Cards for Hero’s.

Why are you proud of your service member?
Each and every day I am proud of him. He is always accomplishing new things to make a better life for our family and at the same time he is sacrificing his life for others. He amazes me and can’t believe such a wonderful man is in my life.

Have you experienced any negativity from anyone outside the military community? How did you handle it?
I actually have not experienced negativity and I am happy I haven’t. People I have ran into are so very grateful for my husband’s service and pray for them ALL to have a safe return home.

What goals have you set for yourself?
On a normal everyday basis my goal is to get through the day happy and positive. I try not bringing anyone down even though my husband is away. I also try to stay positive and happy for my son. Even though my spouse maybe away I will never get these moments back with my 4 year old. My long term goals are to work harder in my future career as an artist.

In 3 words, I would describe this life as…
Challenging, Unpredictable, Adventurous

Please include the address of your blog or website so we can feature that also.

Have you become close to other military wives during your military life experience? How have they helped you threw deployments? Shout outs!!!
My military friends are extremely important to me. They helped me so much during deployments there like family. I love that I can call anyone of them and I tell them I need to vent and they drop anything and say “GO”. They are truly great friends. Thank You Jessica, Rhonda, Rosa, Erin, Kelly, Jennifer, and Bibiana!!! Also, my best friend Kristin, she is not a military wife, but she does her best everyday to understand the challenges and to be there for me. Love you guys.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 17, 2010 2:57 PM

    Nice to learn more about you Patty 🙂

  2. Jessica Shelby permalink
    January 18, 2010 11:38 PM

    Patty it was *instrumental* to have you in my life for “OUR” deployment. If you wouldn’t have been there, I would have truly been lost and lonely. But having you there was so much fun. I miss seeing you, our 5 hour walmart trips, and being able to call you ANYTIME and asking you to go shopping or out to eat and you would do it without question. Even with us having newborns. Thank you for being such a great friend in arms!!!
    *Jessica, I edited this because I think you meant to say instrumental and not detrimental 🙂 Detrimental has a negative connotation. Hehe* ~Shan

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