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Sons of the Fallen, My Review

May 19, 2010

Last night, I drug hubs to a movie theater close to post and watched “Sons of the Fallen.” We don’t have a TV, so I’m not sure what (if any) promotions were done to hype the event. Our small theater was about half packed, I was expecting more people just because of the heavy military presence. Tickets were not cheap and it didn’t qualify for a military discount because it was a special event, so we shelled out $25.

I was expecting a documentary style “movie” and normally wouldn’t review something like this, but I feel I should. The message and mission is INCREDIBLE. Let me say that. It’s about a camp for boys whose dads have lost their fathers in the wars in Iraq & Afghan. These 25 kids come and spend a week on a ranch in Colorado and bond and challenge themselves. Awesome. Awesome.

I felt the presentation was all wrong. I was fully expecting a LIVE introduction to the movie and then about an hour or so of us being able to watch it in one full run. There was supposed to be a live fire-side chat with the kids and what said “an evening of music from Clint Black.” I assumed everything would take place in that order. Wrong. It was extremely difficult to sit and watch them chat back and forth about things and bring a camper in every 10 minutes or so, followed by a clip of the events of the week. Each time a child was brought in, the same things were said. “You’re a hero,” “We’re so proud of you,” “You grew so much while you were here,” “Your dad is a hero,” “We love you bud,” etc. Now obviously all those things are so very true, but I feel they could have brought all the boys back as a group and had a better interaction with everyone as a whole. It was very distracting and disappointing.

Secondly, “evening of music with Clint Black” was bogus. Sorry to say. One song does not constitute an evening of music. Perhaps they should have said “A special musical appearance by Clint Black.” I was fully expecting a live fireside mini-concert of a few songs by Clint Black. No such luck.

I was glad to see something like this being done to support the children of the fallen. It’s a great thing and I hope more people jump on board. I’m also really happy they are doing a “Daughters of the Fallen” and only hope they change the format. Again, I love the idea but I wouldn’t pay $25 again to go see the next one unless they change it up. Great idea guys, just not well executed.

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