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I just have to say…

July 10, 2010

After a friend of mine posted a really great status update thanking our military and encouraging everyone else to do so, an ignoramus wrote a really idiotic statement.

Your statement about freedom is correct. They no longer fight for our freedom however. That is their motivation but they are instead used to fight for someones personal gain. We need to wake up our soldiers to the tyranny that is upon us.

EXCUSE ME A-HOLE?!? Here’s my response to him:

Wow. I’m extremely offended by Lucca’s statement. It’s the ignorant people like that, that concern me and make me think this country is going in the wrong direction. It’s sad when people listen to the media about everything that is going WRONG in Iraq & Afghanistan. Nobody hears the good that people like my husband do like building soccer fields for kids, cleaning neighborhoods from trash to treasures, and so much more. It seriously disgust me people can be so small-minded. I guess you suppose we’d still have our freedoms if they all came home and we totally dissolved our military right? Intelligent.

Lastly, I took to my own status to write the following:

I’m really sick and freaking tired of ignorant a-holes who insult our military and the mission. Don’t speak about something you have NO IDEA ABOUT. If you’re that stupid to consistently base your opinions on the media, you shouldn’t be opening your mouth. It makes you look more ridiculous than you already are.

Thoughts anyone?

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