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New Blog ~ Please Follow!

July 29, 2010

Hey there everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to update this blog. I’m in a new direction in my life, not one that I had hoped would happen…but I’m there none the less. I will not be updating this blog as much, though I will still contribute and post updates every now and then. I hope this blog continues to help those in military relationships. Thank you again to everyone who has commented and continues to comment on how this blog has affected them.

You can follow my new journey at
“Eat, Pray, Love, Live”

This blog was merged with my old blog, And Baby Makes Three. I feel it is important to not erase the past, but move forward so you’ll see lots of posts relating to us trying to conceive, getting pregnant, miscarriage, etc. However, the new blog will be filled with much more uplifting, positive entries as well as some of my favorite recipes from time to time. I’ve been dying to start a new blog that gives me the ability to talk about all of the aspects of my life and “Eat, Pray, Love, Live” is just that.

I hope you’ll follow me to my new blog and my new journey…


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